Julie and Friends of the TCT Network Invites Grace Francis as their Guest

Recently, I was invited to be a guest on Julie and Friends. This is a program within the TCT Network. The program aired on October 10, 2022, and can still be seen on their website at least until the end of October. On this episode of Julie and Friends we discuss everything from health and beauty to bullying and addiction to healing and restoration from trauma. Also, in this episode we discuss solutions to overcoming and keys to forgiving others. It was wonderful to be on their show and to play a part.

You can go to: www.tct.tv, and click on Watch, then go to Video on Demand, scroll and click on Julie and Friends, then click on October 2022, and look for Oct. 10, 2022 entitled: “The Many Faces of a Bully. Have you ever experienced a trauma in your life? Author, Grace Francis, shares some strategies to help you find healing and restoration.”

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